Ascot Auto Parts supplies Subaru owners in Melbourne and throughout Victoria with low-cost, high-quality used spare parts.

We carry a huge range of spares for all types of Subaru models, including components that may be difficult to source elsewhere.

Whenever you’re looking for Subaru spare car parts in Victoria, Ascot Auto makes it easy to find what you need fast.

Advantages of Used Subaru Parts Vs New Spares

Buying used spares from auto wrecker Ascot Auto has major benefits compared with getting new parts.

If you go to the manufacturer or the aftermarket car parts sector, you’ll find their new replacement parts are a lot dearer. And it can be difficult to find what you need.

Subaru may no longer supply parts for discontinued models, while aftermarket parts are typically restricted to exterior basics and in any case might not provide the best fit.

Ascot Auto Parts supplies quality, affordable interior and exterior spares that will fit perfectly and are generally better quality than aftermarket spares.

Buying your Subaru spare parts from us also helps the environment by lessening the energy consumption needed in the new parts manufacturing process.

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How We Ensure You Get the Best Subaru Spares in Victoria

Ascot Auto Parts makes sure its Subaru spares are highly functional components to keep your car on the road or even enhance its appearance and performance.

We do this by:

  • Dismantling end-of-life or accident cars we acquire from auctions or individuals.

  • Selecting reusable parts.

  • Meticulously cleaning the parts.

  • Rigorously testing the parts.

  • Storing the parts in a modern, weather-proof facility.

  • Cataloguing the parts in a computer-integrated inventory.

  • Constantly updating the database to give Subaru drivers access to as many used spares as possible.

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When You Might Need Our Subaru Spares Melbourne/Victoria Service

A respected Japanese car maker, the Subaru Corporation produces vehicles that many Australians love for efficiency, comfort, sleek aerodynamic design, fast acceleration, and road stability.

This makes Subarus popular cars with a big brand following. In 2019, they claimed top spot in car loyalty ratings. But they tend to get only a mediocre placing in reliability tables and have above-average annual repair costs.

Issues that commonly afflict Subarus include transmission and engine problems, oil leaks, clutch chatter, brake deterioration, noisy suspension on rough terrain, and snags with interior accessories.

Glitches like these – and many other issues – can be fixed with quality Subaru used spares from Ascot Auto Parts.

Subaru Spares to Suit a Wide Range of Needs

From wipers to engine replacements, Ascot Auto Parts boasts an incredible range of Subaru replacement parts.

Whether you need a body panel, an electronic or electrical component, or a mechanical spare part, we can help you.

Subaru maintenance spare parts available from Ascot Auto include:

  • Oil baffle plates.

  • Roll bars.

  • Alternators.

  • Starter motors.

  • Clutch assemblies.

  • Radiators.

Spares to Improve Performance

Besides supplying parts for essential maintenance, Ascot Auto also helps Subaru drivers to upgrade their vehicles to perform even better.

Our range of Subaru performance parts includes:

  • Complete engine systems.

  • Gearboxes.

  • Superchargers and turbochargers.

  • Suspension systems.

  • Exhausts.

  • Brakes, pads and rotors.

  • Air intake systems.

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Spares to Customise Appearance

We also supply used spares for Subaru owners who take particular pride in the appearance of their car. These components include:

  • Body panels.

  • Steering wheels.

  • Gear shift knobs.

  • Tail lights, headlights, fog lamps and turning lamps.

  • Dash kits.

  • Wipers and washers.

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We’d Love to Hear from You!

In the unlikely event you can’t find what you’re looking for with our Subaru spare parts locator, just give our friendly staff a call on (08) 8374 3377 or contact us online or email us at We do our utmost to track down elusive Subaru spare parts – and most times we succeed!

Ascot Auto supplies Subaru parts to industry professionals in New South Wales as well as the public, and we also stock a diverse range of parts for other makes, including Mitsubishi Motors, Nissan, Holden, Toyota and Ford.

Why Victoria Subaru Drivers Get Their Spares from Ascot Auto

Ascot Auto Parts gives Subaru owners in Melbourne and across Victoria a one-stop shop for all the parts they need.

Because we thoroughly test all our spare parts, we have no problem providing an industry-standard warranty for your peace of mind.

Forget those wasted days making endless trips to junkyards or hours spent searching for spares via Google. Our Subaru parts finder is your gateway to an Aladdin’s cave of Subaru used spares, and you can pinpoint exactly what you need immediately.

What You Get from Us

Key benefits of our Subaru spares Melbourne/Victoria supply service include:

  • Quality parts that are carefully tested to ensure optimal functionality.

  • Significantly lower cost than new replacement parts from Subaru or aftermarket dealers.

  • Hundred percent commitment to our customers.

  • Friendly, helpful service.

  • Fast delivery to your door.

Ascot Auto has been operating a Subaru used spares Victoria/Melbourne supply service since the 80s, and has established a strong reputation for honesty and integrity.

Let’s Chat!

If you can’t find a part you need with our Subaru spares finder – and that’s pretty unlikely – just get in touch with us and we’ll do everything possible to track it down for you.

You can reach out to us by:

Our Subaru spares specialists will be happy to answer questions about the Subaru parts you need and can offer advice on maintenance and servicing. We love sharing our passion for Subaru cars with like-minded motorists in Victoria!

Industry professionals in Victoria also source Subaru replacement parts from us, and we supply used spares for other types of cars, including Ford, Nissan, Holden, Mitsubishi Motors and Toyota.