Used Car Differentials & Diff Centre Replacements Adelaide

If your car makes a whining noise every time you turn a corner, it could be that your rear differential is going bad. When this happens, consult the experts at Ascot Auto Parts. Our inventory includes a variety of car differentials to ensure that you can grab the right ratio of diff centre for your car.

Find the Right Differential for Your Car

A rear differential is a valuable part of a car that many probably don’t realise exist. If you know how a car works and manual transmissions work, then you probably also know what your differential is for. It is one of the key components of your vehicle’s drivetrain, so it is important that you give it much thought as any of your car's engine parts.

The differential distributes the power between the left and right wheels and allows them to turn at different speeds. Our large inventory of differentials will ensure that you can grab the right ratio diff centre for your car. Ratios are available from 3.54 all the way to 4.9, open and LSD or limited-slip differential. Ascot Auto Parts is your source for quality differentials and related car parts in Adelaide, so don't hesitate to contact or visit us.

If you need help figuring out what to do with your differential, we have a trusted team for you.