New & Used Quality Car Transmissions & Gearboxes In Adelaide

Our team supplies new and used transmissions and gearboxes for different car manufacturers and models in Adelaide. Our team is also composed of qualified mechanics that work on car transmissions repair and replacement. We use the latest diagnostic equipment and ensure that you are satisfied with our transmission and gearboxes services. When you bring your car in, we’ll provide you with a friendly local service.

No-Mess, No-Fuss Service

Car transmission failures can happen at any time for many possible reasons. And when the transmission is beyond repair, replacing it can often represent the best option. Ascot Auto Parts has a massive range of quality transmissions and manual gearboxes, all road-tested and with a warranty.

While new transmissions are available for some cars, their availability isn't always given, unlike refurbished or reconditioned ones. And although second-hand, we make sure our stocks are always cleaned, racked, and stored in our undercover facility, providing you with a no-mess, no-fuss service. No weather-damaged parts and all waste products are contained and recycled.

Replace the worn parts of your transmission to make them become as good as new and extend the life of your vehicle.