Subaru owners in Brisbane and the rest of Queensland look to Ascot Auto Parts when they need quality used spares at competitive prices.

Ascot Auto is an experienced car dismantler and a leading supplier in the Subaru spare parts Queensland/Brisbane market.

We stock a vast array of Subaru spares, including components that are typically difficult to track down. And we supply replacement parts for all Subaru models, including discontinued lines.

With Ascot Auto, you can quickly find the replacement part you need at considerably less cost than buying a new part – without sacrificing quality.

Why Buy Subaru Used Spares?

If your Subaru is out of warranty, the first choice you need to make when buying a replacement part is whether to get a used part or take the new part route.

If you decide to buy new, you then have two further options to weigh up – going to the manufacturer or finding an aftermarket part.

Both options cost significantly more than buying a Subaru used part from Ascot Auto. And there are other problems with buying a new replacement part.

  • Subaru may not stock the component you need if you have a model that the Japanese manufacturer no longer makes.

  • Aftermarket car parts from a third-party manufacturer may cost less than parts from Subaru but they don’t always provide the best fit.

There’s another issue with aftermarket parts, too. They’re generally limited to basic exterior components such as bonnets and bumpers, and may not be of the highest quality.

Ascot Auto has an extensive range of top-quality, affordable, interior and exterior Subaru components that will fit precisely for optimum function.

When people choose recycled Subaru replacement parts, it also helps protect the environment by reducing the consumption of energy associated with making new parts in a factory.

Subaru Spare Parts Supplier Queensland

Benefits of Buying Subaru Spares from Ascot Auto

Subaru drivers in Queensland buy their replacement parts from us because they know what they’re getting:

  • Quality.

  • Affordability.

  • Efficient service.

We select reusable parts from Subarus we dismantle after buying them from individuals or at auction.

We look for end-of-life cars with a relatively low mileage, and clean, test and store the recyclable components in a modern facility that affords protection from the weather.

These parts are catalogued in a computer-integrated inventory, which we continually update so Subaru owners can access the widest range of spares possible.

We’re always on the lookout for spares from discontinued models so we can help motorists with older Subarus keep their cars roadworthy.

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Common Problems Subaru Owners Encounter

Aussies love Subarus and the brand enjoys a high level of loyalty. The Subaru Corporation is known for turning out vehicles with slick design that offer comfort and safety alongside performance.

Subarus are also fairly reliable but they can still let you down from time to time, resulting in the need for replacement parts.

Typical problems that Subaru owners face over time include issues with:

  • The engine.

  • Suspension.

  • Air conditioning.

  • Oil leaks.

  • Gearbox and clutch complications.

Problems like these – and many others – can be fixed with replacement parts from Ascot Auto’s comprehensive catalogue of Subaru spares, packed with mechanical, electronic and electrical spares.

All the Spares Subaru Owners Need

Ascot Auto Parts stocks a ready supply of Subaru spares that match the needs of different Subaru drivers.

Subaru owners who come to us generally fall into one of three categories:

  • Owners who need maintenance parts.

  • Owners looking to customise the appearance of their vehicle.

  • Owners who want to enhance the performance of their car.

Subaru Spares for Maintenance

We help many Subaru drivers in Brisbane and throughout Queensland to keep their cars on the road with maximum functionality.

Our stock of Subaru maintenance parts includes:

  • Radiators.

  • Alternators.

  • Starter motors.

  • Clutch assemblies.

  • Oil baffle plates.

  • Roll bars.

Subaru Parts to Improve Appearance

Subaru owners looking to make their car look more distinctive turn to Ascot Auto for replacement parts such as:

  • Tail lights, headlights, fog lamps and turning lamps.

  • Gear shift knobs.

  • Steering wheels.

  • Dash kits.

  • Wipers and washers.

  • Body panels.

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Subaru Parts to Enhance Performance

Ascot Auto helps Subaru owners to upgrade their vehicles with a range of Subaru performance parts including:

  • Replacement engine systems.

  • Superchargers and turbochargers.

  • Gearboxes.

  • Suspension systems.

  • Air intake systems.

  • Brakes, pads and rotors.

  • Exhausts.

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How to Find the Subaru Spares You Need – When You Need Them

Locating used spare car parts can be extremely time consuming, and frustrating when you end up empty-handed.

Before the internet, you had to phone around scrapyards or visit junkyards until you finally found what you were looking for – if at all.

Online resources now make it simpler to find spares, but you may still be faced with a confusing array of options, and how do you know you can trust these people?

There is one online resource, however, that makes it easier than ever to find the Subaru replacement part you need – and find it instantly.

And that’s the Ascot Auto Subaru Spare Parts Brisbane/Queensland Locator.

How the Ascot Auto Subaru Spares Finder Works

Our online catalogue of Subaru used parts gives Subaru drivers in Brisbane and the rest of Queensland thousands of components to choose from.

And you can access this impressive range of parts any time that’s convenient for you – from the comfort of your home through your desktop or laptop computer, or via your smartphone or tablet while on your travels.

You can try it right now by clicking the link above if you haven’t done so already – it’s super easy to use!

Why Choose Ascot Auto Parts for Your Subaru Spares?

A family-owned and -run business, Ascot Auto Parts provides a one-stop resource for Subaru drivers in Brisbane and across Queensland to get the spares they need, with 24/7 instant online access to one of Australia’s largest Subaru parts catalogues.

We’ve been doing this for more than 30 years, establishing a solid reputation for:

  • Integrity and fair dealing.

  • Competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

  • Excellent, friendly service.

  • Fast delivery.

In the unlikely event you can’t locate the part you need immediately with our Subaru parts Brisbane/Queensland finder, don’t worry. It’s easy to contact us for help: